Superhard Cutting Tools
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    Why Choose Us

      More than 12 years industry experience, ensure us supply the best cutting solution for you!

    • Broad R&D and Manufacturing Capabilities

      We pay highly attention to the innovation for the new products and ensure the core technology of our products is always in the leading position!

    • Manufacturing Capabilities

      Based on the markets and customers' feedback, make sure our products performance become better and better!

    • Continuous Improvement

      Always introduce the fit type products to the customers!


About Us

LINKUT develops and manufactures PCBN/PCD cutting tools. We have been working in this field of metalworking for over 12 years. The sales as well as customer service is handled by our professional service teams.

LINKUT is the technology leader focused on a customer-centered approach. The PCBN/PCD products are different from other super hard tools on the market due to the patent technology and top quality.

LINKUT' s main products are such as: PCBN/PCD inserts, PCD Blanks, PCD Die Blanks, PCD Wear Parts and PDC cutters.

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